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Social Justice

Is this a new era for employee activism?

Teacher strikes across the country. Employee walkouts at Boston-based furniture retailer Wayfair over selling furniture to detention centers and LA-based Riot Games over forced arbitration.

Sourcing more diverse experts

Several recent projects aim to raise awareness about journalists quoting predominantly men. For instance, the Gender Gap Tracker has the goal of raising awareness about

Reporting on CEO compensation

In a world still talking about income inequality, high CEO compensation can be a touchy point with consumers, politicians, and shareholders. And there are skyrocketing

5 prison-related business story ideas

A large-scale prison strike spanning at least 17 states took place from August 21st to September 9th of this year. Inmates refused to work, and

Covering the business of menstruation

Menstruation may be a taboo topic in some circles, but the companies selling tampons, pads and now even period panties know it’s a lucrative business—and there

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