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New book: More awesome than money

Do you remember Diaspora? You might even still be a user. Maybe you donated to its wildly successful Kickstarter. Or sadly, you remember when one of its founders committee suicide.

BYO mobile device policies – pros and cons

On a recent road trip, our one-hour pit stop at a rural casino was noteworthy for more than the bargain prime rib and the slot-machine jackpot:  A slot-area attendant had

Business journalism after the robot invasion

This summer the Associated Press began deploying computers rather than people to write quarterly corporate earnings stories. This robotic journalism is consistently competent. Even though skillful human reporters can still

Fresh peg on new domain names

Looking for a business story that spans the corporate world, small companies and even consumers & personal finance? The 2014 rollout of new top-level domain names is underway, but flying

What’s in your wallet … er, mobile device

At the shooting at Seattle Pacific University, Seattle Times reporters made heavy use of Twitter for news, updates and photos. But business writers need their mobile devices, too. Here are

CES show serves up story ideas beyond Vegas

In addition to “Auld Lang Syne,” the Rose Bowl and diet resolutions, one of the rituals of early January is the big gadget convention in Las Vegas produced by the

Social media: What is it good for?

I was always an early adopter. My first blog began in 1998, although I think the term is out of date for what are online columns. When social media came

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