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Newspapers, broadcast properties go separate ways

For the past quarter-century, big media companies have been on a tear to get even bigger. For publishers, that meant snapping up broadcast properties around the country. Many of the

Fandom and Comi-Cons are ripe for financial stories

What’s a multi-billion industry that draws celebrities, corporate exhibitors and hundreds of thousands of free-spending enthusiasts to events in multiple venues nationwide? No, not talking about NASCAR, the NFL or

Self-publishing industry empowers local authors

Several of the best new books I’ve read lately have had one thing in common: They’ve lacked any sort of publisher’s imprint on the inside cover or title pages. Self-publishing, in

Wedding bells ring, vendors say cha-ching

It’s the peak of springtime and that ringing sound you hear is the peal of wedding bells – and the cha-ching of revenue echoing in the daydreams of wedding industry

Disney’s ticket prices climb

OK, let’s bite. News that Disney is raising admission prices to its Magic Kingdom – another $4 to $99 for a day pass at its Orland theme park – created

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