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Reporting on Big Pharma

Former pharmaceutical executive Martin Shkreli made another return to the news cycle this month, first at a controversial Congressional hearing and then for a lawsuit Shkreli is partied to. Shkreli, dubbed


What journalists need to know about paid sick leave

President Obama made headlines this month when he issued an executive order requiring all companies that do business with the federal government to provide paid sick leave for their employees.

The new drug used by Jimmy Carter

At an extraordinarily candid news conference, President Jimmy Carter revealed Thursday that the liver cancer for which he was treated earlier this month has spread to his brain. And, he

Lyme disease’s financial burden

Summer is the season for enjoying sunshine, beaches and camping in the woods. Unfortunately, it’s also the season for one of the most pesky insects in the natural world: ticks. They’re one

Health care hiring is red hot

Bloomberg News has some fascinating data in this story about the demand for health care workers. Essentially, hospitals, clinics and other health care employers can’t hire workers fast enough. Bloomberg

How Ebola may be impacting local companies

Troubling news this week from the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) about the burgeoning Ebola epidemic:  the CDC issued a worst-case scenario forecast

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