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The tech industry and censorship

The tech industry prides itself on being forward looking and innovative. Enlightened and progressive. As well as its new approach to business. Except, there are a couple of twists in

Tracking political ads online

Political spending has skyrocketed since the Supreme Court allowed corporations and unions to spend unlimited amounts of money in advertisements. The extent of the Court’s decision has seeped through the

How to find interview sources on social media

We all know the feeling: Deadlines are approaching and you need sources. Whether you’re looking for company employees to interview, want to talk to a business’s customers or are hunting

Facebook might change the way we read news

The process of reading news might be on another precipice of change. This week, The New York Times reported Facebook’s latest effort to court news outlets, who’ve become increasingly reliant on

Jerry Seinfeld discovers the power of Facebook

As someone who loves cars, coffee, and laughs, I was an immediate pushover for Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. The Web series, which just kicked off its fifth

New book: More awesome than money

Do you remember Diaspora? You might even still be a user. Maybe you donated to its wildly successful Kickstarter. Or sadly, you remember when one of its founders committee suicide.

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