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Dear Reader: The farm bill, pizza and you

Editorials from the heartland are growing increasingly pessimistic about the prospects of farm billpassage before Congress decamps for holiday break.   And with the giant omnibus law back in the headlines

How are companies meeting demand for gluten-free?

Niche markets always make for an array of interesting business stories, especially when they are growing.  And one that fits that bill right now is the gluten-free industry, catering to

More on mobile food trends: food trucks

Another season of the Food Network’s “Great Food Truck Race” debuts on Aug. 18, and while it may not be the Super Bowl in terms of generating water-cooler conversation, it’s

New show idea: Food truck financials

I wouldn’t make a habit of basing financial stories on pop culture, but sometimes a peg comes along that is hard to resist. This coming weekend, a new season of

Ramadan highlights growing market for halal goods

Ramadan begins tonight, and the month-long Islamic religious observance doesn’t end until the evening of Saturday, Aug. 18. The holy period of fasting, prayer, meditation and other acts of faith

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