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How to localize the Super Bowl

This Sunday’s Super Bowl LI has plenty of local angles for business reporters in the team hometowns, Boston and Atlanta, as well as Houston, where the game is being played. But that’s

Tackling the business of high school football

This football season the monetization of high school football can be a great story. High schools have been making headlines for building costly stadiums and for making broadcast deals with

Getting ready for college football’s kickoff

The college football season kicks off in a little more than three weeks, leading off with North Carolina taking on South Carolina in Columbia, S.C. on Sept. 3. Right now,

Quantifying deflategate

The NFL’s latest scandal involves its most famous player and the Super Bowl championship team. And, there are some significant numbers involved. To get you up to speed, the league

College football spring games draw huge crowds

The score is absolutely meaningless, but college football spring games are becoming big draws for top Division I schools around the U.S. The Ohio State Buckeyes, the defending National Champions,

Unpaid performers at the Super Bowl

We all sat and watched Katy Perry take the field on Super Bowl Sunday atop a giant lion, and then saw her fly across the sky in her own personal

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