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July 2013

10-Q Filings Guide: Introduction

If you want to understand how a company is doing, the answer is often close at hand, in its most recent quarterly report. MEET THE 10-Q  In this tutorial, we’ll

10-Q Filings Guide: Basics

Our popular business beat basics series is now available all in one place in ebook form for your convenience. Go here to download the Reynolds Center’s free ebook, Business Beat

10-Q Filings Guide: Tips and Tricks

The 10-Q is a multi-purpose tool. You can use it to break news, to get a better understanding of the companies you cover, or simply for reference, to fill in

10-Q Filings Guide: Resources

FINDING AND SEARCHING SEC FILINGS The SEC’s Edgar database is free and relatively simple. Start with the company search page to find a particular company’s filings, by name or ticker

10-Q Filings Guide: Traps and Mistakes

Like all corporate filings, the 10-Q tends to present company information in the best light possible (though there’s plenty of bad news that companies can’t get away with skipping). Unlike

Tips from freelance journalist Megan Kamerick

From real estate and economic development to tourism and the creative economy, Megan Kamerick has dabbled in almost every business beat. In her 20-year career, she has been a business

Don’t get trapped into a single-source story

Sins. We’ve got ’em. Don’t make stuff up. Don’t plagiarize. Don’t take part in political activities. If you’re a business writer, you can’t own shares in companies you cover. For

The importance of language to job seekers

“Si yo puedo hacer lo, usted puede hacerlo. “ That’s the tagline (“If I can do it, you can do it,”) of a language-instruction radio advertisment that’s burned itself into my memory

Moving fast. It’s what we do

This was last week: Five daily posts for my Seattle Times blog; one Sunday column (800 words), including gathering data for a graphic and chart; one 1,300-word post for my

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