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April 2014

Making sense of the financial advice industry

We’re midway through National Financial Literacy month and our look at resources and story ideas for addressing personal finance coping skills at various life stages.  This week, middle-age — the

Mainstreaming climate change: The issue of our age

Years ago, Gannett pioneered “mainstreaming” of minorities and others on the margins of conventional news coverage. For example, instead of having a minority business beat, newspapers should integrate minority owners,

Money Monday: Staving off student loan woes

As National Financial Literacy Month unfolds, we’re taking a look at story ideas pegged to various life stages. Next up, a look at money issues that are front and center

Doing headlines right

@BizJournalism has @jontalton done a piece on biz headlines? I’d like to read that. — Alex Dalenberg (@alexdalenberg) March 31, 2014 A reader of the most recent post, on writing

Golf industry courts new players

Golf’s premiere tournament, the Masters, will be swinging into action in a few days, and it’s a great peg for a look at the fiscal health of your region’s golf

Assess vacation home market as season nears

Whether a lakeside cabin, desert ranch, riverside RV or beachfront cottage, owning the getaway home is many a consumer’s dream. And as summer draws near, a new spate of information

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