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31 Female business journalists you should read

March 31, 2022

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In honor of Women’s History Month, we have been highlighting a female business journalist every day this month on Twitter that you should definitely know and whose reporting you need to read! Here is a wrap-up of the amazing journalists we have shared throughout the month, with a few added special mentions at the end, because there are too many talented female business journalists to fit into only 31 days.

In no particular order:

Rachel Bachman @Bachscore

Rachel is a senior sports reporter at The Wall Street Journal who focuses on the business and finance of women’s sports. One of her pieces this past month noted that the “NCAA spends $193K promoting men’s hockey and $11K on women’s” while another profiled a new sports bar opening in Portland that will highlight women’s sports. 

Check out more of her latest pieces

Sapna Maheshwari @sapna

Sapna is a retail reporter at The New York Times. Her recent piece noted that even though Kroger has seen recent sales growth and a 36 percent stock increase in the last year, that growth has not trickled down to the workers, many of whom are on food stamps.

View more of Sapna’s NYTimes articles

Leslie Scism @lesliescism

Leslie has been working at the Wall Street Journal for almost 30 years. She specializes in insurance coverage whether that be car, home, commercial, or anything in between. Recently she reported on how the rise in non-covid-19 related deaths has affected life insurance companies and how car insurers are now pushing to raise rates as the cost of repairs increases with inflation.

Read more of Leslie’s insurance coverage

Johana Bhuiyan @JMBooyah

Johana is a senior tech reporter and editor at the Guardian US. She covers tech accountability broadly but also focuses her reporting on surveillance technology. One of her latest pieces covers a controversial immigrant surveillance program that many lawmakers are calling on to be reformed.

Read more of her tech coverage

Emily Peck @EmilyRPeck

Emily is a markets correspondent who recently joined Axios and is a co-host at Slate money. She began co-writing the Markets Newsletter for Axios this year and has reported on the unprecedented sanctions on Russia. Her latest pieces have included why workers quit jobs, how Americans are moving due to work-from-home ability, and how tax audits have dropped for the highest earners.

View more job coverage

Amanda Fung @amandafung

Amanda is an editor at Yahoo Finance reporting on real estate all around the country. From the way that home sales are currently trending to the ebbs and flows of home prices, Amanda reports diligently to keep consumers informed.

Check out more of Amanda’s articles

Allissa Kline @AllissaKline

Allissa is a reporter at American Banker covering national and regional banks. Recently she has reported on bank acquisitions and the ever-growing list of banks that are changing up their overdraft policies. 

Read more of her bank coverage

Lucia “Lucy” Maffei @BosBizLucy

Lucy is a technology reporter covering startups, venture capital, and tech for the Boston Business Journal. She recently reported that Microsoft completed its acquisition of Burlington’s Nuance Communications Inc. for $19.7 billion and regularly reports on local regulatory filings from Boston-area companies.

Read more coverage from Lucy

Lisa Beilfuss @LisaBeilfuss

Lisa reports on the intersections of the economy and markets at Barrons. One of her latest pieces reports on how the Federal Reserve is in unchartered territory, and what comes next is anyone’s guess — including central bankers. Lisa regularly covers what’s going on with inflation, especially in regards to worker wages.

Check out more articles

Marissa Luck @marissaluck7

Marissa has been covering real estate and business at the Houston Chronicle. She also co-hosts a podcast called “LoopedIn” where they discuss what to expect for Houston’s housing market in 2022.

Read more from Melissa

Seema Mody @seemacnbc

Seema is a global markets reporter at CNBC where she hosts a daily segment on complex topics across Europe for U.S. investors. She covers travel and industrials news and is a member of the Council on Foreign relations. Recently she has been reporting on how surging oil prices are affecting emerging markets. 

Read more from Seema

Jessica Toonkel @jtoonkel

Jessica is a senior reporter at TheInformation covering media and tech. She recently reported on Disney considering launching a cheaper, ad-supported tier of its Disney+ streaming service in the U.S and how Apple has a deal to live stream baseball games.

Check out more coverage from Jessica

Samantha Liss @samanthann

Samantha covers the business of health at Healthcare Dive. She’s been covering how the nation’s top lobbying groups for hospitals and doctors are suing the federal government over the No Surprises Act adoption and how the nursing shortage is impacting a hospital’s operating costs.

Read more on the business of healthcare

Emily Stewart @EmilyStewartM

Emily is a senior business, economy, and money correspondent at Vox. According to her bio, she is ‘specifically interested in how people experience the forces of capitalism and money.’ Her latest stories include how cryptocurrency is playing a role in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, why it costs money to get out your own money and explains inflation through the consumer staple: eggs.

Read more articles from Emily

Tiffany Hsu @tiffkhsu

Tiffany is a media reporter at The New York Times focusing on advertising and marketing. She covered the BBC temporarily suspending its operations in Russia after parliament passed a censorship law this month and also reported on how digital ads are being used to counteract misinformation in Russia.

View more by Tiffany

Lauren Hirsch @LaurenSHirsch

Lauren helps make sense of major business and policy news as a reporter at DealBook for The New York Times. She also covers mergers and acquisitions for the publication. One of her bylines this month is on what the war in Ukraine could mean for US energy deals.

Read more from Lauren

Joanna Ossinger @ossingerj

Joanna covers crypto, markets, luxury, and business at Bloomberg News and is the current president of the Association of Cryptocurrency Journalists and Researchers. Among a series of stories on Bitcoin this month, she also covered how strategists are slashing their year-end forecasts for U.S. stocks due to ‘economic worries stoked by crude oil’s rally.’

View more coverage from Joanna

Rachael Levy @rachael_levy

Rachael reports for Politico covering money in health care, from insurance companies, to hospitals, to lawmakers. Last month she covered health workers’ vaccine mandate being undone by religious exemptions and recently dove into how vulnerable Americans are feeling left behind as mask mandates are changing at the government level.

Read more from Rachael

Lananh Nguyen @LananhTNguyen

Lananh writes for The New York Times and covers banks as well as the intersection of Wall Street and Main Street. This month she covered the big banks pulling out of Russia, including Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, and Citigroup, and last month she reported that even though banks are raising pay to keep talent, it isn’t enough to keep many employees from leaving.

Check out more by Lananh

Dawn Lim @dawnmlim

Dawn is a business reporter at Bloomberg News who recently co-wrote a story about how the biggest U.S. public pension, Calpers, is debating on how to handle its holdings in Russia, which comes shortly after reporting that they brought on a new CIO last month.

More coverage from Dawn

Anne Tergesen @annetergesen

Anne covers retirement at The Wall Street Journal while also contributing to MarketWatch. She regularly writes personal finance pieces such as how to inflation-proof your retirement portfolio. One of the pieces she co-wrote this month was on how part-time retirement programs are on the rise.

View more retirement coverage

Elisabeth Buchwald @BuchElisabeth

Elisabeth is a recent addition to the USA Today team covering personal finance and markets. This month she wrote about how workers who got a sign-on bonus in 2021 may be eligible for a big tax refund among various reports on what consumers should know about the stock market following the Ukraine invasion.

Read more from Elisabeth

Biz Carson @BizCarson

Biz has written for Forbes, Business Insider, Gigaom, and Wired. She is currently covering Silicon Valley with a focus on venture capital and startups at Protocol. This month she profiled Roelof Botha and how he became one of VC’s most powerful people.

View more of Biz’s work

Samantha Masunaga @smasunaga

Samantha has been a reporter for the Los Angeles Times since 2014 and currently covers the pandemic economy and aerospace industry. This month she wrote about a company that hopes to be ‘the UPS or FedEx of the moon’.

Read more coverage from Samantha

Sonya Sorich @ssorichsacbiz

Sonya is the managing editor of the Sacramento Business Journal while writing about retail, small business, and restaurants. She writes a weekday column on ‘5 things to know’ in the Sacramento area.

Check out more

Miriam Cross @MiriamSCross

Miriam is a technology reporter covering bank technology and fintech at American Banker. She has written about digital banks that are developed and housed at traditional institutions and how fintech consolidation could alter banking.

View more articles from Miriam

Stephanie Baker @StefaniBaker

Stephanie is a senior reporter at Bloomberg News and Businessweek writing about science, politics, and business. For one of her articles this month she interviewed a sanctioned Russian oligarch who no longer had a working bank card and she has written numerous pieces on the politics surrounding the covid vaccine. 

Read more from Stephanie

Nicole Norfleet @nicolenorfleet

Nicole has been a retail reporter at the Star Tribune since 2015. She reports on the ways retailers are experimenting such as Target embracing solar panels to fuel its first ‘net zero’ building in California and Dick’s Sporting Goods expanding its experiential retail concept to more locations.

Check out more retail reporting

Khadeeja Safdar @khadeeja_safdar

Khadeeja is an enterprise reporter at The Wall Street Journal covering big data, sports retail and corporate culture. One of her bylines this month was a piece about Swedish company Oatley creating a global oat milk craze that the company hasn’t been able to deliver on.

View more articles from Khadeeja

Laura Reiley @lreiley

Laura covers the business of food for the Washington Post. One article this month discussed the effects of inflation and higher food prices on pushing more low-income Americans back to food banks and another looked at struggling meal-kit delivery companies that had once flourished early on in the pandemic.

Read more coverage from Laura

Emma Goldberg @emmabgo

Emma covers the workplace for the New York Times. This month she looked at how people are reconsidering how much they should have to put up with from a boss and how even before the pandemic, working in an office was never meant to be a “one size fits all.”

View more from Emma

Bonus journalists to follow

Jo Ling Kent @jolingkent – Business and tech at NBC News

Deirdre Bosa @dee_bosa – TechCheck co-anchor at CNBC

Emily Glazer @EmilyGlazer – Large public company CEOs, board members, and corporate governance at The Wall Street Journal

Kathy Orton @KathyOrtonWP – Real estate at The Washington Post

Catherine Reagor @catherinereagor – Real estate at the Arizona Republic


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