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Female business journalists who get the job done

April 3, 2023

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To honor Women’s History Month, we spent the month of March highlighting a female business journalist each day on our social media accounts who we believe is making a meaningful contribution to journalism. These reporters are definitely worth checking out, following on Twitter, or adding to your RSS feed reader.

In case you missed any of them this month, here is the full list of fantastic female business journalists, in the order that we featured them.

Catherine Carlock @bycathcarlock

Covering real estate and development for the Boston Globe, Carlock recently wrote a string of articles on Boston’s Mayor Michelle Wu and the plans to remake the Boston Planning and Development Agency. Before joining the Globe, Carlock wrote commercial real estate stories for the Boston Business Journal and reported on women in business. Check out more of Carlock’s work.

Jelissa Burns @burns_jelissa

Burns is a personal finance reporter for USA Today – Wisconsin, stationed at the Post Crescent. Earlier this year Burns wrote about a locally owned coffee brand that gives back to victims of domestic abuse by donating a portion of their sales to The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence and purchasing their coffee beans from a women-run farm in Honduras. Recent articles also include comparing Kwik Trip to local grocery stores and the ways Wisconsin employers are adding flexible hours and child care to attract job seekers. Read more from Burns here.

Gwynn Guilford @sinoceros

A current reporter for The Wall Street Journal, based in Washington D.C., Guilford writes about the U.S. and global economies. Her work has twice been the runner-up for explanatory journalism from SABEW and the work she completed with a team won the 2021 Dateline Award for coverage of the pandemic’s impact on businesses. Although Guilford is no longer active on Twitter, consider following her if you have a WSJ subscription or adding her to your RSS feed reader.

Susan Tompor @tompor

Tompor is a money columnist at the Detroit Free Press and USA Today. She won a Loeb Award in 2015 for a series of columns on pension cuts in Detroit’s bankruptcy. Her reporting has always focused on consumer watchdog issues and economic upheaval, especially the Great Recession and Detroit’s historic bankruptcy filing. Her recent articles include insights into this year’s tax season. Read more by Tompor.

Alexandria Mansfield @alexandriammans

Mansfield has been reporting on growth and development for the past year at the Florida Times-Union. She recently wrote about changes in the Jacksonville business scene. She has worked for various publications writing on education, politics, sports and community, to name a few. We love a well-rounded journalist and so will you. Check out Alexandria’s full portfolio on her website.

Lauren Kaori Gurley @LaurenKGurley

As a labor reporter for the Washington Post, Gurley reported on the $1.5 million in penalties that Packers Sanitation Services was fined for child labor law violations and the nomination of Julie Su to be the next Labor Secretary. She has also covered changes in union membership and a proposed ban on noncompete clauses for workers. If you want to keep up to date on what is happening in the labor market, check out Gurley’s latest work.

Maneet Ahuja @WallStManeet

Ahuja is a Senior Editor at Forbes covering Wall Street and Silicon Valley. She co-authored this month’s cover story on ‘Wall Street’s most connected Black woman,’ Mellody Hobson and the ideas she has to close the wealth gap. She authored ‘The Alpha Masters’ on the secretive world of hedge funds. Nicknamed ‘Wall Street Maneet’ she is sure to give you the inside scoop on billionaires, entrepreneurs and startups. Check out her latest here.

Lizette Chapman @lizette_chapman

Chapman currently covers venture capital and tech at Bloomberg. Some of her most recent coverage includes a drone startup that raised $230 million to expand their factories and multiple stories on Palantir Technologies Inc, including how they announced laying off 2% of their workforce only a month after stating they were adding, not cutting jobs. For a front-row seat to VC coverage, check out her reporting on Bloomberg.

Michelle Chan @michan_hk

Chan recently started a new position covering environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) and sustainable financing at The International Financing Review. She previously covered China finance for The Wall Street Journal and was a Hong Kong correspondent for Nikkei Asia covering the intersection of business and politics. She has won multiple awards from the Society of Publishers in Asia for her coverage of China. Make sure to check her latest coverage here.

Anita Balakrishnan @MsABalakrishnan

Based in Toronto, Balakrishnan covers electric and autonomous vehicles for The Logic. One of her recent articles reported on the Canadian battery startup that is working with Ford to build an independent battery supply chain in North America that is not dependent on China. This is just one way Balakrishnan writes about the transformation of the auto industry. Previously she wrote for The Canadian Press, Thomas Reuters’ Law Times and CNBC.com. Check out more by Balakrishnan here.

Francesca Fontana @francescamarief

Currently a reporter at The Wall Street Journal, Fontana writes about personal finance, diversity, and workplace issues for The Journal’s weekend features section, Exchange. One of her most recent pieces takes a look at part-time executive jobs and how this nontraditional career path is gaining momentum. Additionally, she contributes to The Journal’s “Young Money” column with commentary on student debt, buying life insurance, and dealing with a parent’s estate. Read more from Fontana here.

Renata Geraldo @GeraldoRenata

Covering Starbucks and general business news from Seattle, Geraldo is a dynamic reporter for The Seattle Times. Some of her recent coverage includes the vote to force Starbucks CEO to testify about alleged labor law violations, Microsoft’s investment in AI, company layoffs and store closings. Geraldo has also written for The Sacramento Business Journal, The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg among other publications. Check out some of her work here.

Natalie Grover @NatalieGrover

Grover is a European Pharma correspondent at Reuters covering all things health and pharmaceuticals, stationed in the United Kingdom. She recently reported on the highly anticipated weight loss medicine expected to be released soon for adults with weight-related health conditions and the complicated war-related injuries that thousands of people in Ukraine need assistance for. If you are interested in the latest news coming out of the pharmaceutical industry, make sure to give her a follow here

Kori Hale @korihale

According to her bio, not only is Hale a contributor for personal finance news at Forbes she is the CEO of CultureBanx which covers the intersection of business, technology, and innovation for minorities. She was also the first Black woman to anchor a daily news show from the New York Stock Exchange. Some of her recent coverage includes a major boost of financing to the Black Innovation Alliance to provide equitable access for Black entrepreneurs. Check her out here.

Cara Rubinsky @crubinsky

Rubinsky is the deputy business editor for The Associated Press currently reporting from London. On Twitter, Rubinsky regularly shares business news from AP, like the decline of shoeshine stands and what to do if you’re concerned you may be laid off. She has also contributed to that coverage with coverage of this year’s CES tech show in Las Vegas, including next-generation kitchen gadgets. Follow her on Twitter or her Muck Rack page.

Casey Bond @CaseyLynnBond

An award-winning personal finance writer currently writing for HuffPost, Bond certainly knows her stuff. She’s covered Multilevel marketing, the intersection of money and feminism and anything you want to know about personal finance from mortgages to credit cards. She recently wrote about how much the average American has in their 401K and 10 ways women can save money this year. Check out her latest work on her website.

Phoebe Bain @notnotphoebe

As a senior reporter for Ad Age, Bain covers influencer marketing and direct-to-consumer brands, or in a recent article titled “Why some DTC brands are reducing their influencer marketing budgets,” she covered both! This month she’s been covering SXSW and how the Silicon Valley Bank failure is impacting certain brands. Bain has also previously worked at Social Media Today and Business Insider. Make sure to check out her latest coverage.

Priya Anand @Priyasideas

Anand has been covering the tech industry at Bloomberg for the past three years. Some of her coverage this month includes Silicon Valley’s Bank collapse, Amazon’s Twitch channel exaggerating its popularity, and layoffs at Daily Harvest. Anand has also written for The Information, BuzzFeed, and MarketWatch covering all kinds of tech and money stories. Give her a follow on Twitter and you won’t be disappointed!

Myra Saefong @MktwSaefong

Saefong is a reporter and assistant editor for MarketWatch who has been covering the commodities sector for the past two decades. She writes the daily Futures Movers and Metals Stocks columns as well as the weekly Commodities Corner column. Talk about being busy! From oil to gold, Saefong has got you covered! Check out her writing and make sure to give her a follow.

Kimberly Adams @KA_Marketplace

Co-host of Marketplace’s #MakeMeSmart podcast, Adams covers the intersection between politics and the economy. One of the episodes this month covered the big economic impact of single women in the U.S. Her work specifically focuses on the ways federal policy affects the bottom line for businesses and individuals including how a Trump era deregulation contributed to the Silicon Valley Bank failure. You can also catch Adams over on Mastodon.

Sara Edwards @sedwards380

Covering small business, casinos, real estate and economic trends, Edwards is currently writing for The Press Democrat in California. Edwards graduated from Arizona State University last spring with a master’s degree focused on business journalism and is already one to watch. After graduation she interned at USA Today where one of her stories drew national attention. Some of her recent stories include unionizing efforts at Copperfield’s Books and an ousted CEO countersuing for gender discrimination and retaliation. Make sure to check her out on Twitter or Muck Rack.

Lauren Rosenblatt @LRosenblatt_

Rosenblatt is a business reporter at the Seattle Times covering Amazon. She recently covered quite a variety of stories on the tech giant including another round of layoffs, the closing of several Amazon Go stores and the delayed construction of its second headquarters in Virginia. Before moving to Seattle, Rosenblatt covered robotics, automation, startups, and labor at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Check out more of her work here.

Erica Phillips @ericaephillips

Phillips is a reporter covering economic development at the Connecticut Mirror who writes a twice-monthly briefing called ‘On Balance.’ Previously she has provided coverage on shipping, logistics, and the global supply chain for the Los Angeles Bureau of The Wall Street Journal and then worked for public radio’s Marketplace. Several of her recent stories have revolved around Connecticut politics and the healthcare system including a canceled hospital acquisition plan. Read more by Phillips on Twitter.

Dana Mattioli @DanaMattioli

Mattioli covers Amazon for The Wall Street Journal and has led investigations into the company’s business practices, market power and antitrust issues. A recent article reports on the electric-van company, Rivian and their talks with Amazon to remove exclusivity terms from their contract after the company ordered less vans than expected. She was the winner of a Gerald Loeb Award for Beat Reporting in 2021 and received an award from the Women’s Economic Round Table that same year. Mattioli has previously covered mergers and acquisitions, retail companies and wrote a series of stories about online data-collection practices. She is currently also writing a book about Amazon and how it competes. View more of her work here.

Cassie McGrath @cassiemcgrath_

As a health care and cannabis reporter for the Boston Business Journal, McGrath really knows her stuff. She has a dual degree in Journalism and Political Science and is already providing great coverage in her city after graduating two years ago. One of her recent stories covered what happens when filing for bankruptcy is not an option for financially insolvent companies in the cannabis industry. McGrath is a young reporter who has a very promising career ahead of her. You won’t be disappointed if you follow her work on Twitter.

Margo Vansynghel @Margo_vs

Covering the business of art and the creative economy, Vansynghel just began a new beat at the Seattle Times! In a recent story for Crosscut, Vansynghel covered an auction frenzy over a Seattle artist that sparked an FBI tip and her first story for the Seattle Times was on how the AWP writers conference generated an estimated $15M. Vansynghel is one to follow if you are interested in the art scene, Seattle, or want to connect with other business journalists. Check out her work here.

Amanda Drane @AmandaDrane

As an energy reporter for the Houston Chronicle, Drane covers the Texas energy industry, focusing on production, refining, and those affected by it. Before moving to Texas, she won several regional awards in Massachusetts as a City Hall reporter for her coverage on police accountability and the exploitation of undocumented restaurant workers. One of her recent pieces looks at how a Houston refinery is aiming to turn itself into a hydrogen facility. Give her work a follow here.

Akane Otani @akaneotani

Covering commodities and Warren Buffet, Otani has been a reporter at The Wall Street Journal’s finance bureau since 2016. Her reporting has covered the intersection of markets, monetary policy, and investing trends and she regularly appears on podcasts, radio, and television shows to discuss her work. In 2021 she won the Gerald Loeb Award for breaking news alongside a New York Press Club Award for national business reporting. With a master’s degree in business journalism, Otani is a phenomenal reporter in the business sector and her work is one to keep an eye on. Check her out at WSJ here.

Lora Kelley @loracorkelley

As a member of the 2022-2023 newsroom fellowship class, Kelley covers technology, work, and cultural change for the New York Times. One of her articles this month discussed the cancellation of the comic strip ‘Dilbert’ and the cubicle comedians who are taking over social media with their comedic takes on the office work grind. Her work has previously appeared in big-time publications such as The Atlantic, Vox, GQ, and The New York Times Magazine. Make sure to give Kelley a follow here.

Isabella Simonetti @thesimonetti

Covering the business of television and streaming, Simonetti is a business reporter at The Wall Street Journal. Simonetti just started this new position after working for the New York Times as the David Carr Fellow in Business Reporting. While she was there she covered all kinds of financial stories from the impact of inflation on senior citizens to figuring out how to financially leave your parents’ house. Her first story at WSJ is on the Dominion lawsuit against Fox News and we are sure her upcoming coverage will be on the top of our ‘must read’ list. Check her out on her website here.

Carmen Reinicke @csreinicke

Reinicke is just starting a new position at Bloomberg as an equities reporter and is already churning out some great coverage! From reporting on Credit Suisse’s wild day to an anti-fungus stock surge, Reinicke has the market covered. She is also a mentor for Girls Write Now, an organization that is mentoring and training the next generation of writers and leaders. She previously worked at CNBC and Business Insider and you should certainly check her out on Twitter here.

Make sure to check out our list from last year and if there is a fantastic female business journalist in your newsroom or on your Twitter feed that we haven’t featured yet, please let us know! We are always looking to promote strong business reporting.


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