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Covering millennial real estate trends

In many real estate markets, spring is a hot season for open houses, and as their families grow, many millennials may be looking to buy homes. Help readers get a

rooftop pool in Los Angeles

Covering real estate tech

Tech startups are changing how home buyers, sellers and real estate agents interact. Companies called iBuyers (short for investment buyers) including Offerpad and Opendoor will now buy homes for cash

girl with a purse and a smartphone

Covering Generation Z in the workforce

Born between about 1995 and 2012 depending on who you ask, Generation Z is now entering the workplace as its oldest cohorts graduate college and pursue full-time employment. Staffing firm

adult on a scooter

Covering the business of dockless scooters and bikes

A few years ago, rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft were clashing with cities over transportation regulation. Now on-demand, dockless electric bike and scooter rental startups like Lime (a partner with Uber),

chicken being hand fed

Economic impact of animal rescues

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, roughly 6.5 companion animals enter animal shelters each year. City and local regulations around shelters vary widely, but here’s an interesting

cupcakes with candles

Covering the business of kids’ birthday parties

While children’s birthday parties used to be modest affairs with grocery store cakes and homemade party favors, some parents now splurge on elaborate birthday celebrations, even for one-year-olds. Maybe it’s

multi-colored plastic straws

Covering the local impact of plastic straw bans

Environmentalists have long decried the wastefulness of single-use plastic straws, but the issue has recently entered the mainstream as Seattle’s ban on plastic straws and utensils at all food service

two little girls wearing sunglasses in a swimming pool

Covering the amusement park industry

Summer is a prime time for water parks, amusement parks and other attractions. Statista estimates that in the U.S. alone, amusement and theme parks generated around $20.5 billion in 2016,

two video game controllers

Covering the esports economy

Electronic sports (video gaming) is gaining popularity, and professional gaming is also a booming business. In fact, Esports intelligence company Newzoo predicts that the global esports economy will grow to $905.6 million

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