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Barlett and Steele Awards

How they did it: “OxyContin’s 12-Hour Problem”

Earlier this month the 2016 Barlett & Steele bronze award was given to “OxyContin’s 12-Hour Problem,” the Los Angeles Times’ investigation into how America’s bestselling prescriptive painkiller helped


Reporting on Big Pharma

Former pharmaceutical executive Martin Shkreli made another return to the news cycle this month, first at a controversial Congressional hearing and then for a lawsuit Shkreli

The new drug used by Jimmy Carter

At an extraordinarily candid news conference, President Jimmy Carter revealed Thursday that the liver cancer for which he was treated earlier this month has spread

Lyme disease’s financial burden

Summer is the season for enjoying sunshine, beaches and camping in the woods. Unfortunately, it’s also the season for one of the most pesky insects in the


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