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Energy & Sustainability

From farm-to-table to environmental issues, there are plenty of oyster tales to be told. ("Oysters" image by Jeremy Keith via flickr CC BY 2.0)

Oyster Season Basics for Business Reporters  

Oyster season, which traditionally runs from fall through early spring, is a great time to harvest business stories on these tasty bivalves. Particularly as the oyster industry, global in scale,

The composting industry has plenty of money story angles, jobs to corporations. ("Compost" image by Antranias via pixabay)

4 Money Stories in the Compost Industry

The feasting season is also the season for food waste. According to the Worldwatch Institute the amount of discarded food in the U.S. increases by a third between Thanksgiving and

5 Story Ideas for Covering the Cotton Industry

Looking for new beats as a business reporter? Consider writing on the cotton industry, an often overlooked crop story with tension, volatility and  drama. This blog explores some of the

Finding the Business Stories in Food Waste

America faces a food waste crisis: The U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates 30 to 40 percent of the country’s food supply goes unused. Journalists can explore the trend by looking at

Five Ways to Write about the Soybean Industry

Business reporters with an agribusiness focus might find the soybean industry an excellent area for human interest, trend and economic stories. This blog provides some tips for writing on soybeans

Five Story Ideas Around Agri-Business

The business of agriculture may not seem as exciting as tech and the economy; however, plenty of intriguing stories exist within agribusiness. This blog outlines some core themes and trends

Picture of wind turbine

Resources for covering the energy and sustainability beat

The sustainability movement often makes headlines, but not always for its impact on businesses. Here are four resources to explore when reporting on energy and sustainability from a business perspective. Get

Ken Teegardin Numbers And Finance

Forget the Fraud: Enron as a Failed Business

This is the fourth in a series of articles focused on financial accounting disclosures and how you as a journalist can interpret and report on them. If you have a

A Reporter’s Primer to Covering Commodities

Products like wheat, coffee, cocoa, cotton, milk, sugar, orange juice, live cattle and even pork bellies are bought and sold on more than 50 major commodity markets worldwide. Generally, agricultural

Water bottles

Adding Context to the Water Crisis in Flint

In 2014, Flint, Mich. emergency managers the governor appointed switched sources for its municipal water supply from the city of Detroit to their own Flint River. These officials championed the

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