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Lewis Hamilton’s new contract

As our Rian Bosse told you, American millennials aren’t much interested in auto racing. But globally, one racing star attracts a wide audience: Lewis Hamilton. Now, the Formula 1 champion

Auto racing and millennials?

Sunday marks the Grand Prix de Monaco, the world’s most prestigious auto race. On the other side of the Atlantic, American race fans will be watching the 99th running of

Quantifying deflategate

The NFL’s latest scandal involves its most famous player and the Super Bowl championship team. And, there are some significant numbers involved. To get you up to speed, the league

With Disney, fantasy sports is now big business

For anyone betting on the continued growth of fantasy sports, this past Sunday was a day of celebration as Walt Disney Company invested $250 million in DraftKings. DraftKings, one of

Craft Beers’ place in the stadium

Having a beer while watching the big game is about as traditional as it gets for sports fans in the United States. But it’s another area where millennials are bringing

Cost of an empty Orioles stadium

The Chicago White Sox will play the Baltimore Orioles at Camden Yards on Wednesday. Nobody will be there. With riots breaking out across the city, Major League Baseball decided it

College football spring games draw huge crowds

The score is absolutely meaningless, but college football spring games are becoming big draws for top Division I schools around the U.S. The Ohio State Buckeyes, the defending National Champions,

Fans cry foul after Cubs cancel game

The Chicago Cubs’ season has gotten off to a bumpy start. First, the Cubs angered third-baseman Kris Bryant, his agent, the Major League Players Association and fans by sending Bryant

Poor TV ratings are hurting Major League Baseball

On Tuesday, we discussed why baseball’s top stars can’t land big endorsement deals, and one of the top reasons, we concluded, was that Major League Baseball’s national and global reach has

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