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Back to school—and deeper into debt: Part 1

This is a three part series. Read part two and part three for complete coverage. Rising student loan debt isn’t the only education story to watch as a new school

Reporting on school lunch debt

A third grader in California recently made headlines for paying off his fellow classmates’ lunch debt of almost $76 with his allowance. While on the surface, this story may seen

Finding business stories in libraries

As communities evolve, so do the libraries that serve those communities. Here’s a look at library-related business angles to consider. Library funding The current administration has not been friendly to public arts

Do your readers know about National 529 Day?

Do your readers know about National 529 College Savings Plan Day? If so, they could win benefits and special incentives ranging from $529 to $5,529 if they open or contribute

Reporter’s brief: Covering medical residencies

Before doctors with medical degrees can be licensed to practice independently, they must spend three to seven years completing an accredited residency program. A 2017 article in the Atlantic, Why

Planning your summer hiring coverage

With Memorial Day approaching, it’s not too soon to start planning your coverage of summer hiring or take a pulse on the local job market. Are local companies planning to

Check out these numbers on student debt

The debt clock starts ticking this month for college graduates, who are leaving campus with a bachelor’s degree in one hand—and a hefty loan averaging $37,712 in the other. Student

3 story angles for graduation season

As high school and college students across the country don cap and gown and prepare for graduation, now’s a good time to plan your money coverage related to education topics

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