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Retailers woo holiday spenders earlier

How are we spending our summer vacation?   Prepping for back-to-school, Thanksgiving and Christmas, if the displays in retail stores are any indication. Consumers who didn’t buy their swimwear back in

Holiday roadside aid deals

With legions of Americans about to hit the road for a three-day weekend provided by the Independence Day holiday’s serendipitously falling on a Friday this year, you might want to

Last-minute holiday story ideas

With only a week to go before Christmas and a mere two weeks left of 2014, holiday mania is just about over for retailers, consumers and business writers alike. But

Year-end, big-ticket sales and your local economy

Retail stories this time of year tend to focus on items that fit under the tree, like electronics, apparel, jewelry, gift cards. But year-end sales of durable goods like cars, furniture

Gobble, gobble: A cornucopia of Thanksgiving stories

Hard to believe there are only two weeks left until Thanksgiving, the day of eating, parades, football, traveling and — increasingly — shopping.   Each pasttime offers its own cornucopia of business angles.  Here

Breast Cancer Awareness and cause marketing

We’re just a few days away from the start of the annual National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which as you know turns October pink with support ribbons for the effort

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