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Use census data to cover Valentine’s Day in your community

Chances are your newsroom runs topical feature stories around each holiday. Census data can be a valuable tool to help you delve deeper and find more interesting angles for these topical stories.

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we’ll use it as an example.

Story ideas for covering ‘Christmas creep’

It used to be that department stores waited until Oct. 1 before putting up their holiday decorations and stocking shelves with gift items. But, as Stuart Elliott writes on Media

DOT steel workers

Five new story angles for Labor Day

Leading up to Labor Day, chances are we’ll see lots of coverage of barbecues, back to school and blowout sales. But don’t forget that Labor Day is about those who

The big dollars in Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is this Sunday (you still have time to buy a card). And, it’s become a big money holiday. According to the National Retail Federation’s annual survey, the average

5 tips to survive the nightmare of holiday travel

Passenger stress goes sky high during the busy holiday travel season. In the first of this two-part series, I’m offering tips and ideas for your audience to get through the

Entertaining Business: Christmas movies and money

On the surface, Christmas movies may be bits of heartwarming fluff that we turn to every year, but given the way they often accurately portray the economic struggles of their time, it is

How does holiday shopping help airports?

As a regular traveler, I’m impressed with how airports have stepped up their game when it comes to shopping. And, they have to.  As airlines continue to consolidate and cut

This Thanksgiving, find story ideas at the airport

With the Thanksgiving holiday season underway, airports are a great place to look for stories.  Most medium to large airports post their rules for the media on their websites. Their

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