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The ‘Ws’: More than just the basics

Every reporter learns the “Ws”: Who, what, when, where and why. They are the foundation of any good story. But most of them get short shrift after the first two

Know your place as a business journalist

When I was young, I was covering the historic Texaco-Pennzoil trial in Houston. At one point, James Kinnear, the president of Texaco sought me out and we had a great

8 quick ways around the single-source story

You often have to put up with me railing against the single-source story.But this press-release “journalism,” merely taking dictation, is one of the biggest challenges we face. Every time we

Want an interview? Send me an email

E-mail has made the news, news stories, and newspapers dull. (Patrick B. Pexton) Pexton, a former Washington Post ombudsman,doesn’t like email interviews. “E-mail is a rotten reporting tool for journalists,

Rule 1 on VIP interviews

As I write this, I have been preparing for an interview with Gary Locke, the U.S. ambassador to China. You’ll run into these kind of assignments in your career, and

Don’t get trapped into a single-source story

Sins. We’ve got ’em. Don’t make stuff up. Don’t plagiarize. Don’t take part in political activities. If you’re a business writer, you can’t own shares in companies you cover. For

10 key moves for a killer interview

The ubiquitous use of short-form Q-and-A style interviews has almost killed in daily newspapers what is one of the more compelling uses of our written medium: The interview story. A

Rookie mistakes and how to avoid them

There’s no polite way to say this so I’ll just be blunt. Too much business journalism is crap. It’s dull, reactive, inaccurate, misleading…did I say dull? Much of the problem

LinkedIn: Sourcing through social networking

The one-hour webinar, “Getting LinkedIn — Sourcing through Social Networking,” took place Feb. 28, 2012. | At the bottom of this page, you’ll find links to complete the self-guided training.

Tips from Globe reporter Meghan E. Irons

I loved Meghan E. Irons’ piece in the Boston Globe about how business in one neighborhood picks up significantly at the first of the month as government checks roll in.

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