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Writing tips

Here's a quick AP lesson on ringing in the new year. ("New Year's Eve" image by "SD-Pictures" via pixabay, CCO Public Domain)

AP Style rules: New year’s edition

Before filing your final end-of-year story, check out these Associated Press style guidelines. They’ll help you finesse the trickier fine points that frequently elude us

Marilyn Geewax in classroom sm

The art and craft of business reporting

The craft of business reporting has evolved over the last three decades, but the challenge of telling compelling stories has remained constant, according to industry lecturers

The business profile reconsidered

It’s tempting, I’ll admit it – churning out the business profile. The itch surfaces on the occasional slow week, or the desire to diversify content and

business jargon

Five tips: Deciphering business jargon

Sources really love their jargon—in spite of efforts among enterprising business reporters to persuade them otherwise—marketers and experts frequently refuse to speak plain English. This


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