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About those ‘negative’ stories…

Business journalists especially face the accusation of being “negative.” Companies want to control their image. Many small outfits have no experience in dealing with the press. Also, more and more,

The art of column writing

At one time, it took many years before a select few journalists could be invested in the purple as columnists. This carried distinct benefits: They were seasoned veterans with the

Doing headlines right

@BizJournalism has @jontalton done a piece on biz headlines? I’d like to read that. — Alex Dalenberg (@alexdalenberg) March 31, 2014 A reader of the most recent post, on writing

The importance of a good lede

Before I pick at the splinters in your writing, let me roll out a few of my logs. Here are a week’s worth of ledes from my column and daily

Beware superlatives and hype

One of the chief missions of this blog is to give “a kick in the butt” to business journalism. But it’s a tough balance. I want to kick without getting

Testy Copy Editor: In summary, part 2

Editor’s note:  This will be Phillip Blanchard’s final regular post for A copy editor on the Washington Post Financial desk for 6 1/2 years and founder of an online

Financial copy editing: Choose words carefully

Copy editors who attended The American Copy Editors Society’s 2012 Conference’s “Financial Editing” session learned how to ensure text is clear and readable for investors and that verbiage is accurate and

Secrets of an award-winning profile story

I could feel lobbyist Lanny Davis’ constant energy when I read D.M. Levine’s profile of him (PDF) for The American Lawyer. Levine sets that tone right away in the second

When visualizing numbers gets ridiculous

“The spotlight is on the government’s questionable fiscal behavior as it nears its borrowing limit of $14.3 trillion and confronts the risk of a crippling default.” (CNBC) “Converting the debt

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