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How to make your business articles mobile friendly

Record numbers of readers consume news on their mobile phones. Amy Mitchell at the Pew Research Center called the phenomenon a “mobile majority” when reporting on the center’s 2015 comScore

Five tips for creating branded business content

Branded business content, meaning articles commissioned by a corporation or nonprofit and published with a leading trade magazine or news organization, is a relatively new medium for business reporters —

Five ways to maintain varied and unbiased sources

To maintain credibility with your audience and editors, (and to produce the best, most reliable read) provide your readers with a good range of expert analysis and insight, opposing views,

5 tips for using numbers in your story

As a business journalist, numbers are everywhere. From prices to sizes, they provide information that is vital for your stories. Here are some tips from a March, 2014 Reynolds workshop

How to Cover Money Podcast

Elements of feature stories

This episode explores the complexities of writing feature stories. Before class: ask students to bring some examples of feature stories that they particularly liked – perhaps a personality profile, or

Freelance writing: Successfully pitch editors

For freelance writers, pitching stories can be intimidating. What should you say? How many clips should you include? How do you ask for more money? A panel of assignment editors

The basics of guerrilla journalism

Our calling is inhabited by three kinds of news organizations. Let’s use the Sergio Leone scale: • The Good are ones that practice serious, aggressive journalism, value business news, encourage

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