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    Thank you for your applications for the Reynold Center's B&S awards which celebrate the best in investigative business journalism. The judges are rolling up their sleeves. | About Barlett & Steele

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  • The Reynolds Center is hiring a Marketing Director

    The Reynolds Center is hiring a Marketing Director

    Featured, Job listings, Jobs

    The Reynolds Center helps journalists around the world find information for their stories. Now, we’re looking for someone to help tell our story. Reynolds has an opening for a Manager of Marketing. You’ll join the Reynolds staff at our offices at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State University in downtown Phoenix. Here’s how […]

  • Getting the unemployment story right

    Getting the unemployment story right

    Best Practices, Economy, Featured, Jon Talton

    Homey is back from vacation with the same mandate. As Yoda would say, “Butt, I will kick. Names, I will take.” As I write the unemployment report for August has come out. At all too many places, the emphasis will be placed on the unemployment rate, which fell 0.1 percentage point to 6.1 percent. The […]

  • Baton Rouge business journalists

    All About Reynolds Custom Newsroom Training

    Custom Newsroom Training, Featured

    You’ve just been named business editor, only to discover no one else on your staff has a business news background. You’ve watched from the sidelines as other publications have built their brands through social media. Meanwhile, you can’t seem to get anyone to become your friend. Your promising reporter has come up with an acre […]

  • Quicktips: From pampering people and pets to scams and surcharges

    Quicktips: From pampering people and pets to scams and surcharges

    Beats, Featured, Manufacturing | Large companies, Melissa Preddy, Personal finance, Real estate | Econ development, Retail | Lifestyle, Story ideas, Transportation | Airlines | Travel

    Another raft of ideas jotted on scrap paper or e-mailed to myself are in danger of sailing off into the horizon, so welcome to another installment of Quicktips, the place we salvage viable story pegs at risk of becoming forgotten flotsom. Hotel fees. In our increasing a la carte economy, hotel fees are the latest […]

  • FDIC report helps you make local sense of record bank profits

    FDIC report helps you make local sense of record bank profits

    Beats, Featured, Investing | Banking, Melissa Preddy, Story ideas

    A recently released report from the FDIC on quarterly U.S. bank performance contains the nuggets for a variety of stories that reflect your local area’s economy. As Reuters reports, banks earned more than $40 billion in the second quarter of 2014, according to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation’s Quarterly Banking Profile.  Financial institutions are setting […]