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The composting industry has plenty of money story angles, jobs to corporations. ("Compost" image by Antranias via pixabay)

4 money stories in the compost industry

The feasting season is also the season for food waste. According to the Worldwatch Institute the amount of discarded food in the U.S. increases by a third between Thanksgiving and

No need to go out on a limb to find a business story in Christmas trees . ("Christmas Tree Sale" by Patrick Lentz via flickr CC BY 2.0)

Oh, Christmas trees! Ideas for business stories

With the holiday season around the corner, the economic impact of Christmas trees is a timely business story. The industry has evolved profoundly over the last 100 years. Originally cut

Sophisticated marketers are using precise weather forecasts to gauge customer moods. ("sh 7 typical weather forecast" by "Upupa 4me" via flicker, CC BY 2.0)

How retailers use weather forecasts to increase sales

Product marketing has a new gold standard: advertisements targeted not just to specific customers, but to the experiences they are having in real time. Companies are increasingly utilizing weather forecasts,

The humble cranberry delivers a good story. (Image by "WikiImages" via pixabay)

The business of cranberries: 4 story ideas

As Thanksgiving approaches, business reporters ought to start thinking about the cranberry industry and features around this small but powerful fruit. This blog outlines the important themes and news. The core

How to use databases to untangle local food webs

As the world grows more interconnected, so do food systems. Most communities import their food from many regions; local growers are additional sources. At the same time, those local farms

Scary-good story ideas: New Halloween trends

Halloween may be thrilling and mischievous for the average American, but for the retail industry it’s deadly serious. This Halloween is set up to be the most profitable ever, according


5 facts about the chocolate industry

Chocolate has been part of the western lifestyle for generations and now its popularity is growing in eastern countries. That’s one factor in the industry’s changing landscape. Here are five

3 ways Gen Z will impact the food business

Generation Z is poised to begin making a major impact on the food and beverage industry. Born roughly between 1996 and 2011, this generation is touted as being highly practical,

As consumers rethink their approach to additives, the artificial sweetener industry may be hitting a sour patch. ("Choose you this day" image by "frankieleon" via flickr CC BY 2.0)

4 facts about the artificial sweetener industry

Since the discovery of saccharin in 1879, artificial sweeteners have played a major role in America’s diet. Here are four business story angles worth pursuing. Declining numbers in diet soda 

A farm

Take national farming trends to the local level

The recently announced Bayer and Monsanto acquisition has grabbed headlines and raised fears. Farmers worry that the large market share in seeds and pesticides captured by the merger will increase

Sustainable fashion is a business story with multiple angles

Sustainable fashion—How to report on a growing industry

Sustainable fashion—fashions made from sustainable textiles, fabrics and in an ethical, humane way—have taken off.  Big companies like Eileen Fisher now make 84 percent of their collection with organic cotton

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