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10 consumer issues reporters on Twitter

Consumer products, trends and problems make for good local business stories, especially as retail heats up around the holidays. Follow these 10 national consumer issues reporters for story ideas you can

Covering the Black Friday backlash

Recreational Equipment Inc. members got a surprising email this week. The outdoor outfitters collective, known as REI, has decided not to be open on the Friday after Thanksgiving. It wants

Story ideas for covering ‘Christmas creep’

It used to be that department stores waited until Oct. 1 before putting up their holiday decorations and stocking shelves with gift items. But, as Stuart Elliott writes on Media

Shake Shack, the new burger powerhouse

Wherever there’s a Shake Shack, you’ll find a line of people. Danny Meyer’s 71 upscale burger stands have drawn plenty of foodies, and now, they’re generating plenty of revenue. Shake Shack

Some Walmart stores are cutting hours

A number of big retailers have run into problems this year. Now, Walmart is cutting the hours at some of its stores. About 200 of the store’s 4,500 stores will

Disappearing restaurant cooks

When you dine out in a restaurant, you rarely think about whether it has enough staff. You just expect that someone will cook your meal, and someone will serve it.

The cheaper version of Whole Foods

Whole Foods wants to be cool. And it also wants a younger customer base. So, the upscale grocery store chain is going downscale — sort of. Whole Foods announced the

The big problem of wasting food

During his show “Last Week Tonight” on Sunday, HBO’s comedy news anchor John Oliver put the spotlight on a serious problem here in the United States: food waste. Despite the staggering statistics on hunger across

Subscription boxes take off

Subscription services are the talk of the gourmet food industry. Customers sign up for a box that arrives on a regular basis, packed with ingredients, recipes and tools. They’ve been

How will ‘Watchman’ fare?

Bookstores around the country officially began selling “Go Set A Watchman” at midnight. The novel, by Harper Lee, is the most anticipated book in the publishing industry this year. Under

Flooding means trouble for Midwest

While drought continues to trouble California, too much water is causing problems for farmers in the Midwest. Heavy rainfall throughout the month of June means a number of fields in

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