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The businesses behind fear

Fear is one of life’s constants. We’re all going to feel it at some point, with varying reasons why. Humans have no problem identifying fear in our lives, says Ralph

girl browsing a bookstore

Covering the business of independent booksellers

With Amazon opening more physical bookstores and Barnes & Noble recently announcing a round of layoffs, how are smaller, independent bookstores staying open? It’s a tricky question to answer but easy

What’s ahead for Amazon and Whole Foods Inc. gave the business journalism world a dozen headlines in June when it entered into an agreement to acquire organic grocery chain Whole Foods Market Inc. for a cool

Shopping on a smartphone

Three new e-commerce angles

The Census Bureau estimates that e-commerce sales topped $100 million in both the third and fourth quarters of last year. With the online retail landscape constantly evolving, here are three

Is Amazon your next grocer?

Online retailer Amazon became an international powerhouse when it moved on from its bookstore roots and began shipping other things like electronics, clothing and even food from its online store. Now, Amazon is taking another

Amazon retail stores: A reversal of strategy?

Amazon transformed the book world, and then the retail world, by taking what was in brick and mortar stores and selling it online. But now, Amazon might be pulling a

Listen to Bezos: Don’t be boring

“Don’t be boring.” This isn’t just a consistent theme of my posts here but what the Washington Post’s incoming owner, Jeff Bezos, told the staff. “Rule No. 1 is: Don’t

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