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Emmy noms show streaming’s growing influence

Online streaming services have been a popular platform for television fans who want to watch shows on demand. Now, their own original programming is starting to take attention away from the big

Misty Copeland and ballet’s future

Ballerina Misty Copeland made history Tuesday by becoming the first female African-American principal dancer at the American Ballet Theatre in New York, the premier classical dance company in the United States. Her promotion

The impact of music festivals

The summer music festival season is in full swing. This weekend, an American pop icon, Lionel Richie, stole the show at England’s Glastonbury Music Festival from hip hop sensation Kanye

Swift will let Apple stream 1989

We’ve been following the saga of Taylor Swift’s battle with Apple’s new music streaming service, and now, it seems like there is a victory on both sides. Earlier this week,

The rise of summer TV shows

In the past decade, summer television has gone from a time when networks burned off episodes of a show they’d pulled earlier in the year, to a full-blown “season” where

Changing listening patterns in public radio

Nieman Lab has an interesting report on the digital listening habits of the audience for public radio stations. It appears that people are listening to less live radio, and instead

Media and entertainment industries boom

This week’s Visual Business feature takes a look at the growing media market and how technology continues to change entertainment. Feel free to use the graphic in your own reporting

Univision’s young audience

Watching live television is a dwindling pastime for many Millennials, but that isn’t necessarily the case for Univision’s audience. During the May sweeps, 92 percent of Univision viewers were watching its prime time

Marketing Caitlyn Jenner

Olympian Bruce Jenner’s decision to transition from male and female, and become known as Caitlyn Jenner is a multi-faceted story. And one of the biggest aspects is Jenner’s new marketing

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