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What a friend we have in FRED

Mark Twain noted that there are “lies, damned lies, and statistics.” Fraud with numbers is something business journalists should always be alert to. But there are gold-standard statistics that no

PRNewswire blog is full of useful tips for journalists

If you stop by regularly, you know that I enjoy finding new (and sometimes unusual) resources for journalists.  Digging into LinkedIn, finding company tutorials on Slideshare. Finding insight on

(A few) essential bookmarks and follows

Every journalist should have a short list of blogs, resources and writers from which to keep learning. I emphasize short list because the information environment is so crowded, with both

Looking for sources? Try HARO, ProfNet

For The New York Times, freelancer Eilene Zimmerman produced a quick-hit look at five businesses that failed in 2011. It’s a story that could be replicated in any geography. Eilene

Set up SEC-filing alerts for your companies

During a check to confirm information on a Career Education Corp. story, Erica Perez of California Watch came across a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filing showing a $5

Crowdsourced maps: Get started, plus story ideas

As the ranks of journalists at news organizations shrink, one of our biggest news-gathering assets is our audience. We increasingly rely on users for tips and information via social media,

Covering retailing: A reporters’ toolbox

There are several techniques you can use to inspire story ideas and get the information you need outside of the official channels. Retailing is a very public business, after all.

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