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(A few) essential bookmarks and follows

Every journalist should have a short list of blogs, resources and writers from which to keep learning. I emphasize short list because the information environment is so crowded, with both

Looking for sources? Try HARO, ProfNet

For The New York Times, freelancer Eilene Zimmerman produced a quick-hit look at five businesses that failed in 2011. It’s a story that could be replicated in any geography. Eilene

Set up SEC-filing alerts for your companies

During a check to confirm information on a Career Education Corp. story, Erica Perez of California Watch came across a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filing showing a $5

Crowdsourced maps: Get started, plus story ideas

As the ranks of journalists at news organizations shrink, one of our biggest news-gathering assets is our audience. We increasingly rely on users for tips and information via social media,

Covering retailing: A reporters’ toolbox

There are several techniques you can use to inspire story ideas and get the information you need outside of the official channels. Retailing is a very public business, after all.

Looking for great databases for business stories?

Looking for great websites for data-driven business stories? Jaimi Dowdell, training director for Investigative Reporters and Editors (IRE), offered up a bounty of sites for business journalists to find local

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